Every Purchase You Make is a Chance to Help a Dog

When you shop at Dogs Worth for your beloved dog, you are donating to help dogs in shelters. Our give-back program is designed to help and save dogs all around the world. We have devoted ourselves to promote better lives for dogs everywhere. Learn More.

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Welcome Dog Lovers! Our dog supplies are 100% safe and tested by Veterinarians. We have awesome brands for every dog and puppy. Before you feel overwhelmed, rest easy knowing that most dog products clearly indicate all the included ingredients, make sure if the ingredients are safe for your dog’s allergies and age.

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When You Shop

When you buy from us, we donate a portion of our profit to sponsor a dog shelter.

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We Raise Money

We are proud to raise money for feeding and providing medical care to millions of stray dogs.

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To Help Dogs

We help dogs in need by putting people in touch with each other through our social media.

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To Save Lives

We find homes for rescued dogs that are up for adoption in developing countries.

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Best dog breeds for appartment living

Best dog breeds for appartment living

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